About A Boof – Epub

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The EPUB layout of About A Boof, an autobiographical essay and photo collection ideal for tablets and smaller screens.

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How do you condense 14 years of history into an essay? Well, Pup Baren talks about his long history with pup play, bringing up things he’d even forgotten in this memorable essay and photo spread. There are multiple photos from 8 different shoots, some of which include his partner and Beta Cubric and a few from his non pup/furry days.

Gear, community, family, and identity all get their due in About A Boof, available now.

This product is for the EPUB version only, it is suitable for larger screens and can be read on tablets. It uses single pages and is meant to be read in a portrait style viewing.


Update: Swapped one photo for another due to placement and context.


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