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About A Boof

Date: August, 2018

Client: Self directed


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About A Boof is an ebook photo essay about self discovery in a growing, yet often maligned subculture. This book discusses the roots of one human pup’s journey from initial inklings to hesitation, to diving in, all while sharing the relative unimportance of gear and the utmost importance of respect for one’s self, others, and inhabited spaces. It was made available initially through the Patreon and is now available in the shop.

The design challenge was putting the essay and photos together to create a cohesive story. In following the journey first with early photos and art including a drawing from Yahoo Messenger. The further challenge of keeping the layout fresh while finding a balance between text and photos was answered with creating a number of photo spread layouts, adding circular spreads, and combining the two on pages. Comments from people who have read the book are very positive.