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Chromadrift – Oh, Horizon!

I’ve worked with Drew on his Brother Saturn material but this was the first time I’d gotten to work with his more beat focused alter-ego,…

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Anatomy of a Rebrand

  Well, the time has come that I put more effort into this site and my whole social media game. This has meant a complete…

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Project D2046

  It was the best of projects, it was the worst of times to get an injury that curbed it. The idea was I would…

Safe Injection: BC Infographic

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Fentanyl/Harm Reduction

This is two projects in one, the first being an infographic charting the rise in fentanyl related deaths in British Columbia, the latter being a…

Get a buddy PSA

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Getting Lucky? Get A Buddy! (PSA)

With the recent disappearances of men from the Toronto gay village, I wanted to do something to help. Recent posts about creating a buddy system…

Local Joe Original Infographic

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Local Joe Infographic

  I live on coffee, most designers and artists do. So when the assignment of creating a food based inforgraphic came about, I spent a…

NICTD PSA: Not The Movies

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NICTD South Shore Line PSAs

  Three different proposed sets of posters requesting South Shore Line riders be more quiet and respectful on the train. The “But let’s pretend” series…

Posters: Pom Poko Text

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Typography Posters

A few different posters where type was the main focus. The functions of these posters varied between school, shows, and examples.