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Chromadrift – Oh, Horizon!

I’ve worked with Drew on his Brother Saturn material but this was the first time I’d gotten to work with his more beat focused alter-ego,…

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Anatomy of a Rebrand

  Well, the time has come that I put more effort into this site and my whole social media game. This has meant a complete…

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Project D2046

  It was the best of projects, it was the worst of times to get an injury that curbed it. The idea was I would…

Principles and Elements: Unity

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Principles and Elements

  A throwback project, illustrating the principles and elements of design. I think this could be used for a flash card set, even if the…

Safe Injection: BC Infographic

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Fentanyl/Harm Reduction

This is two projects in one, the first being an infographic charting the rise in fentanyl related deaths in British Columbia, the latter being a…

Get a buddy PSA

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Getting Lucky? Get A Buddy! (PSA)

With the recent disappearances of men from the Toronto gay village, I wanted to do something to help. Recent posts about creating a buddy system…

the original Platypus Day art

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Platypus Day

                I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts. I know I should but I need a story…

rhino favicon

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Welcome Back! (The Return of the Rhino)

The last time I had a design website with a proper blog was the first iteration of this one. I used Muse and made something…

Bigger On The Inside Series: the Final Presentation

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Bigger On The Inside

It’s a Doctor Who reference! It’s an Amanda Palmer song! It’s a statement that there are hidden reserves of strength and resourcefulness within me that…

The Off Season: Cold Island

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The Off Season

A portfolio set based on photographs of Victoria Park between February and April of 2016. Some of the shots included were taken during a massive…

XLM Fashion Drawings: Presentation

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XLM Fashion Design

I like clothes, but fashion doesn’t like me. As a person of size, I have trouble finding the exact things I want, so I decided…

Beautiful Midnight: Rear View

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Beautiful Midnight Crashes

When taking photos for an e-zine, after getting some nice long exposure shots overlooking the 401, I stumbled across these wrecked cars off the parking…