the original Platypus Day art

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Platypus Day

                I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts. I know I should but I need a story…

rhino favicon

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Welcome Back! (The Return of the Rhino)

The last time I had a design website with a proper blog was the first iteration of this one. I used Muse and made something…

Bigger On The Inside Series: the Final Presentation

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Bigger On The Inside

It’s a Doctor Who reference! It’s an Amanda Palmer song! It’s a statement that there are hidden reserves of strength and resourcefulness within me that…

The Off Season: Cold Island

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The Off Season

A portfolio set based on photographs of Victoria Park between February and April of 2016. Some of the shots included were taken during a massive…

XLM Fashion Drawings: Presentation

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XLM Fashion Design

I like clothes, but fashion doesn’t like me. As a person of size, I have trouble finding the exact things I want, so I decided…

Beautiful Midnight: Rear View

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Beautiful Midnight Crashes

When taking photos for an e-zine, after getting some nice long exposure shots overlooking the 401, I stumbled across these wrecked cars off the parking…

The Falls: Like Clouds Being Assembled

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The Falls By Night

Niagara Falls is a weird mixture of the wondrous and the garish. The tourist trap thrills of Lundy’s Lane stand toe to toe with the…

Local Joe Original Infographic

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Local Joe Infographic

  I live on coffee, most designers and artists do. So when the assignment of creating a food based inforgraphic came about, I spent a…

NICTD PSA: Not The Movies

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NICTD South Shore Line PSAs

  Three different proposed sets of posters requesting South Shore Line riders be more quiet and respectful on the train. The “But let’s pretend” series…

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Pixel Party!

This post may be in the archive currently, but the Pixel Party (I do pixel art for small sums of money that vary based on…

Illustration Samples: Pumpkin Spice Lion

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Anthropomorphic Illustration

That is to say the polite term for “furry art.” Don’t look at me like that, it’s fun! It means approximating expressions that are familiar…

Oscillate Wildly: Teddy

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Oscillate Wildly

Drawn with dip pen and ink, then scanned in and mildly touched up, these drawings examine the harsher realities of living with bipolar disorder. This…